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Scrubberpark for Nippon Gases Belgium

Chemical, mechanical, and electrical expertise combined!

We had the pleasure of delivering a big project for Nippon Gases Belgium, part of Nippon Gases Europe, a thriving company with a rock-solid reputation. This major European player in industrial gases for, among others, the semiconductor, food and chemical industries operates more than 195 plants in 13 different European countries. With its 2,950 employees, the company supplies products to well over 150,000 customers.


Our customer was looking for a partner who could clean their gas cylinders after use. There are always traces of gas left in the cylinders, which means that they are never really empty. This assignment fits perfectly with Teblick's expertise.


The gas residues in the cylinders are neutralized by means of a chemical reaction (with sodium hydroxide and/or water). This process takes place in a scrubber. It allows the secondary gases to be replaced without biological substances being released into the environment.

The different cylinders contain different gases (corrosive, toxic,…), which cannot all be neutralized in the same way. The final solution required eight scrubbers, which together form a specially designed scrubber park.

For this project, Teblick built the eight scrubbers and four storage tanks, each with their own pipework. Our team takes care of the pipes in the scrubber park and the connection to the cylinders where the gases are extracted. The electrical part of this project was also carried out by our team.


Teblick specializes in custom work, but we have taken that to a new level in this complex project. For example; what at first glance appear to be identical tanks, each with three seemingly identical venturis, are actually all slightly different. All these nuances are required to facilitate the most efficient neutralization process.

Bringing a project of this size to a successful conclusion requires great teamwork. Clear communication and close, smooth cooperation were essential. Because, as always, deadlines must be met.


  • 8 scrubbers
  • 4 storage tanks
  • 1,675 meters of piping
  • 3,500 hours worked on this project
  • Many different types of gas neutralized, including: TCS, HF, Cl2, SiCl4, BCL3, HCl, HF, HBr, SO2, …

We are in the final stages, just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s for this project. That means that another major project is completed with care and professionalism. And that it will be delivered on time!

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