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What is this?

High-quality plastic piping in the right material enables safe transport of liquids and air streams at any stage of a production process. 

Why use our piping solutions?

Extraordinary experience
Teblick began designing, constructing and installing high-quality plastic piping systems for all branches of industry as early as 1958. In 1995, Teblick was the first company to weld +GF+ George Fisher IR fittings and piping. Over the decades, we have maintained our leading role in the industry by relentlessly focusing on quality.   

Wide range of materials
In addition to piping in relatively common thermoplastics such as HDPE, PP, PP-s, PVC, PVC-C and PVDF, we also offer solutions in more ‘exotic’ materials such as PVDF-HP, ECTFE, and PFA.

Double containment systems
We regularly install double containment piping systems with inspection points and leak detection, both above- and underground. We can even combine different materials, e.g. HDPE on the outside and PVDF on the inside.

Our options

On request, our engineering staff carry out a detailed study to optimize pipe routing, resulting in P&IDs and isometric drawings for approval.

Our capabilities include solvent cementing and welding plastic piping with various techniques:

  • Butt fusion welding
  • Electrofusion welding
  • IR welding
  • Socket fusion welding
  • Rod welding


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