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Industrial HVAC

What is this?

Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) cover many possible air flows in an industrial building. Teblick is specialized in transporting and extracting possibly hazardous air flows, using plastic piping and accessories.

Why use our industrial HVAC solutions?

Complete solution
We can engineer, design, produce and validate complete exhaust systems. Upon request, our installations can be integrated into a larger HVAC system, e.g. returning air flows for ventilation after thorough filtration. 

Cleanroom and lab solutions
We have experience in designing and implementing solutions for cleanrooms (both for micro-electronics and for the pharmaceutical industry), ATEX zones 2 and 1, asbestos laboratories, etc. 

Wide range of materials
PVC and PPS are the most commonly used thermoplastics for exhaust systems. However, our options also include e.g. PPS-EL (electrically conductive and self-extinguishing PP) depending on what your circumstances require.

Our options

We also design specific applications such as:

  • Airtight valves (up to Ø1200 mm), with or without actuator 
  • Control valves and register valves (round up to Ø1200 mm, or rectangular), with or without actuator
  • Silencers: round with or without sound-absorbing inner core, or rectangular with plastic baffles
  • Filter units in plastic housings for pre-, absolute or activated carbon cartridges
  • Housings for heat recovery units
  • Exhaust chimneys with or without built-in silencer
  • Scrubbers

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