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Wet benches

What is this?

Wet Benches are stations for wet etching and cleaning of wafers and devices.

Why use a wet bench?

Designed for wafer manufacturing and R&D processes
Teblick’s wet benches are designed to meet the needs of today’s wafer manufacturing and R&D processes. Each unit is engineered and built to reduce impurities and contamination, based on each customer’s specific requirements.

Easy access to and operation of your wet benches
Standard features include convenient operator access, access to plumbing and electrical control, and drop-in tanks for easy removal and maintenance. PLC and HMI (touch panels) provide easy access and for the operation of the wet benches. Visualization of the P&ID gives a direct overview of the machines' status. Semi-automated processes, rinsing and cleaning cycles simplify the operation. The process, chemical consumption, pumps strokes, pressure and many more parameters can be monitored to optimize the production processes.

Our options

The required mechanical and chemical properties guide our choice of the right plastic. In semicon applications, we use PP, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP, PFA, PTFE, PEEK, POM, ABS etc. Where applicable, these plastics are combined with stainless steel, epoxy, polyester and/or glass fibers.

We supply modular wet benches or fully enclosed cabinets, along with a complete line of laminar flow hoods, process and etch baths, overflow rinse baths, quick dump rinse baths and other equipment. IPA bubblers with Maragoni drying techniques and ultrasonic equipment can be integrated. Heating, cooling, drying can be integrated as well.

Wet benches can be designed to meet FM4910 global standards, to meet the safety standards in your factory. We use Corzan® FM4910 CPVC and PVDF, which are excellent materials with a good resistance against a wide variety of chemicals that are specified, tested and listed by Factory Mutual Research Corporation for Clean Room Materials (FM4910 certified).

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