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Water purification stations

What is this?

Water purification stations filter water for a specific purpose. The filtration level can vary greatly and depends on the application, e.g. drinking water or reverse osmosis (RO) for specific chemical processes. 

Why use our water purification stations?

Complete, high-quality systems
Over the past decades, we have developed the expertise to build state of the art water purification systems. We are privileged to work together with world leaders in the water purification industry – they trust Teblick to implement their core technology in a well-constructed, reliable system. 

Space & cost-efficient
Compared to traditional water filtration systems, our high-tech solutions have significantly lower operational costs, the footprint is smaller, weighs less and is much more efficient. 

Containers & skids
We can build complete water treatment systems in containers or on skids. These movable installations provide a perfect solution in many applications. From substituting part of a plant that is down for maintenance, to providing drinking water during in regions affected by (seasonal) drought!

Our options

We build complete water purification stations; tanks, piping, integrated instrumentation (filter, reverse flow, clean in place (CIP) and more), valve racks & control panels. 

We are specialized in building installations for microfiltration and ultrafiltration (0,001 – 10 μm). 

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