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Teblick is working hard for your water

A new treatment system for safe drinking water

Teblick secured a project for one out of five big drinking water companies that operate in Flanders. They supply water to 177 municipalities across a network of more than 32,000 km. Over the last couple of years, they’ve been dedicated to ‘reviving’ their 20-year-old installations at 5 different water production locations.


This particular project presented a complex challenge due to the need to maintain continuous water production throughout the entire breakdown and installation process. Moreover, the entire chemical system, including filling stations, tanks, dosing stations, and distribution pipes for Bleach, Caustic Soda, and Sulfuric Acid, had to be replaced and modified to comply with the new Vlarem II regulations without interrupting the dosing of these chemicals into the drinking water supply.


To prevent any disruptions in the quality of the drinking water, Teblick initially established a temporary chemical distribution system in parallel with the existing one. Once it was safe to rely solely on the temporary setup, the old chemical distribution system was shut down, thoroughly cleaned, and subsequently dismantled. On five separate locations in this province! New floor coatings, tanks, filling stations, and dosing stations were strategically installed within a tightly scheduled daily timeframe, with a primary focus on minimizing the duration of temporary operations. The entire network of piping and electrical cabinets underwent replacement as well. Thanks to our specialized expertise, the water company now utilizes ECTFE-lined tanks for sulfuric acid and PVC-lined tanks for bleach, ensuring the highest quality standards.


Safety always has to come first, especially when it comes to the drinking water of thousands of people. That is why once the permanent system gets started back up again, the temporary installation goes through the same cleaning and demolishing process. By repeating this process station by station, there’s a continuous loop that guarantees water. Good for the public, as well as for our client!


  • 11 filling stations were built 
  • 12 dosing cabinets were built
  • 1 ECTFE-GFR tank was made
  • 5 PVC-GFR tanks were made
  • 5 electrical cabinets were created

But Teblick isn’t near being done. We’ll be working for this client again on their next big 2 year-project. An update will follow soon!

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