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ECTFE piping for pharma giant

New ECTFE piping network in pharmaceutical company

For a global pharmaceutical manufacturer, we installed a large plastic piping network in a multi-year project. This biopharmaceutical company that plays a leading role in the field of medicines is a customer that has found its way to Teblick since the 1990s.


This customer enlisted Teblick's help for work in one of their branches in Belgium. They were looking for a reliable partner to replace existing stainless-steel piping. This piping was affected by NaOCl used during their decontamination process. They were now looking for a sustainable solution that would last a long time.


We know from experience that ECTFE is the perfect plastic for this application. Moreover, in 2009 we already installed a similar piping network in another compartment of this building, which meant plenty of relevant experience to build on. 

Teblick was awarded this major contract in the summer of 2020, since then we have systematically worked on the construction of a parallel system in ECTFE next to the existing stainless-steel network. This all had to be done with extreme precision and attention to detail, as there was very little space available in the technical zones.


Our expertise in custom work was of great added value in this project. ECTFE is an expensive material, which means that the standard range of fittings is very limited. We made the unobtainable necessary eccentric reducers, bends, etc., ourselves.

During the construction of the new network and its testing, business as usual was not affected. In the final phase of this project, each laboratory will be switched to the new ECTFE piping system. This transition should be smooth and fast. A challenge that we are happy to take on.


  • >3000 meters of wastewater piping
  • >10,000 workhours spent on the project

Teblick keeps to the agreements! We ensure good planning and follow-up, so that our customer can continue to concentrate on the production of their medicines.

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