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Protective housing and fittings

What is this?

Protective housing refers to custom-made, high-quality cases, also called enclosures, to place around instruments (e.g. pH meter, redox meter, conductivity meter) for full protection from exposure to both internal process elements and external factors. 

Immersion and flow-through fittings are examples of a protective housing; they keep your specialty equipment in place, safe and sound.

Why use protective housing and fittings?

Reduce the risk of false readings
Instruments play a crucial part in any type of installation; process control relies on the information they provide. Custom housing reduces the likelihood of depreciation of and damage to your instruments.

Protect instruments from internal process elements
Mechanically moving parts such as stirrers can pose a serious threat to instruments. By placing e.g. a pH meter in a probe enclosure, both sensor and cable are protected and will stay in place.

Protect instruments from external factors
Protective housing can be a simple solution to shield instruments from local weather conditions or traffic inside a plant.

Our options

All of our protective housing and fittings are engineered to meet our customers’ specific needs.

We produce enclosures in a wide variety of custom sizes with millimeter precision. By optimizing the protection to precisely match the instrument layout, the surface area can be minimized.

We make protective housings as well as immersion and flow-through fittings in a wide range of thermoplastics. Together with our client, we select the right solution for each project based on the required mechanical and chemical properties.

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