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Slurry Distribution Units

What is this?

Slurry distribution units (SDU) are used to dispense slurries to CMP handling process equipment. An SDU can dilute or blend slurries with chemicals in any wanted ratio. Dosing pumps, level sensors, IR refract meters and load cells guard the mixture.

Why use an SDU?

A safe and easy way to get slurries to CMP equipment
Due to our application of high-performance polymers (e.g. double contained PFA pipes), almost any kind of semiconductor slurry or solution can be distributed along process lines. Valve boxes can direct the liquid to the CMP equipment. The SDU’s guards have been optimized and prevent slurries from clogging the tubes, vessels or drains, through automated rinse cycles. Our SDU’s are always built in a cabinet that shields the environment from the pressurized chemical distribution system.

Keep chemical purity under ppb levels
Teblick can keep the purity at levels below 150 ppt metal, ion contamination. We use high purity PFA or PTFE for piping, valves and pumps, flared couplings and ensure minimal dead spaces to reduce interference with high-purity chemicals to a minimum.

Easy access to and operation of your equipment
PLC and HMI (touch panels) provide easy access to and operation of the equipment. Visualization of the P&ID gives a direct overview of the machines' status. The process, slurry consumption, pumps strokes, pressure and many more can be monitored to optimize the CMP production processes.

Our options

All our Slurry Distribution (& Dilution) Units are tailormade based on our customers’ needs.

Buffer tanks and mixing vessels can be manufactured in a wide range of polymers (e.g. in PP natural, PVDF, ECTFE (Halar™), PFA) in accordance with your specific chemical needs.

By using the right polymers, it becomes possible to deliver all kinds of slurry blends, e.g. HCI, H2SO4, HF, NH4OH, and H2O2. 

If the material in your plant needs to be FM4910 certified, we use Corzan® 4910 CPVC and PVDF. These are excellent materials with a good resistance against a wide variety of chemicals that are specified, tested and listed under the Factory Mutual Research Corporation Test Standard for Clean Room Materials (FM4910).

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