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Sheet lining

What is this?

A plastic layer in or on an existing tank or structure. Teblick only offers sheet lining, which implies that this layer consists of sheets that are typically about 3mm thick.

Why use sheet lining?

Maintain purity of a specific liquid
A common application is lining of tank containers for semiconductor grade chemicals. These chemicals need to retain a very high level of purity. A high purity liner makes this possible.

Protect from corrosion
Contrary to metals, polymers do not corrode. Lining for example mixer impellers protects them from abrasion and corrosion.

Our options

We offer sheet lining in the following thermoplastics:

- Teflon™ PFATeflon™ FEP
- Dyneon™ TFM – Chemours™ NXT (modified PTFE)
- PVDF (Solef™ – Kynar™)
- ECTFE (Halar™ 901)
- PP

Since the lining is applied manually, the surfaces that require lining must be well-accessible to our technicians.

The thermal limit for sheet lining applications is 70°C and vacuum applications are not permitted.

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